It seems to be a popular thing these days to pick a word of the year. Since I have a thing for words this is a trend that I can get on board with.

A few years ago, my word was stronger. Last year I chose the word still. I chose it because I felt like I needed to slow down a bit. I needed to learn how to be still. I’m not sure I did that, but the word did help me focus. It helped me to be intentional about my quiet time. My days started with some time to be still in thought, chat with God, and begin with a sense of peace. So, all in all, I’d say it was a good word for me.

This year my word is consistency.

Last year I did some things that felt amazing. I wrote, I worked out, I connected with friends, I ate healthier, and I leaned into my faith. Those were really good things. Things that yielded results. Despite those things feeling good and bringing wanted results I didn’t do any of them consistently. Kinda sad really. I can’t help but wonder what could happen if I stuck with these good things.

A former manager of mine liked to say “Good, better, best. Never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best.” For years I thought it was a bit corny, but it is probably a good practice.

In 2017 I tried to write more. I submitted a piece to Her View From Home and that resulted in being accepted into an incredibly supportive group on the internet. I had several pieces accepted throughout the year and built some great relationships with other writers. So this year I plan to write consistently to see what happens when I take it more seriously. I started by actually writing down some goals.

I tried to go for more walks and be more active and it felt so good. I prefer to walk outside,¬†but it is five degrees above zero outside and I’m not that hardcore. So we have a treadmill. For some reason, I jot down the date, duration, distance, and how many calories burned each time I use it. Sometimes there are gaps between entries¬†of several months. But in the last four days, I’ve written in that notebook three times. That’s a pattern I’m trying to stick with. I find it helps to schedule time to do this rather than just wait and hope it happens.blank calendar page with coffee cup and pencil

I believe we are meant for connection, but I’m an independent introvert, so its a struggle. I wanted to be in a small group but was intimidated by joining one with people I didn’t know. So I invited a few friends to come over to go through a book series and have dinner. Their willingness seemed to confirm that I wasn’t the only one seeking some deeper relationships. We will be getting together once a month this year and I look forward to sharing life with these ladies.

Last year, I paid more attention to what I ate. I lost some weight and feel better now than I did at the start of last year. But man it’s easy to slip into bad habits. I will continue to work on consistently making healthy choices the majority of the time.

Going to church didn’t happen near as much as I’d have liked last year. Much like working out, it is easy to skip, which is silly since I feel replenished every single time I go. In many ways, I feel like I leaned into faith more this past year despite not taking in services. With that said I know, it is good for our family to attend church together and we will make it more of a routine this year.

Consistency is my word. I think it is going to lead to big things through a continuous series of small steps.