You know the drill. The new year approaches and you might feel compelled to jot down a few resolutions. We all want to do better, be better, live better and so resolutions seem like the thing to do. I’ve noticed that my resolutions are usually about giving up things I enjoy but know aren’t good for me. Drink less soda. Eat less sugar. Commit to fewer things. Don’t stay up so late. Etc. While I know that those resolutions would lead to positive results they feel a bit depressing right from start.

I mean giving stuff up is hard. Ask any toddler who loves a pacifier. Takeaways are tough. It is, for this reason, I think many of us give up on the resolutions before we flip the calendar to February.

So this year I”m going to put a positive spin on my resolutions. Abundance feels better! Here are seven things I want more of in the new year:

  1. drink more water 
  2. go for more walks
  3. study more of God’s word
  4. get more sleep
  5. fool around more
  6. connect more with friends
  7. eat more real food

Drinking more water will result in drinking less soda. My one can of diet a day may continue, but I know for a fact I feel better when I make an effort to drink more water. Action plan: measure out how many ounces I should drink per day and put that in the fridge. Makes it clear and convenient.


Going for more walks makes everything feel better, even how I feel about my thighs.                                                                                                                                                Action plan: Buy new shoes.

Studying God’s word makes everything better too, but on a much deeper level.                                                                                                                                                Action plan: Download Bible app and find a new devotional.

Getting more sleep gives me more energy to walk and I find when I’m well rested I have less anxiety, so that’s a win-win.                                                                             Action plan: Be in bed by 11 even when Jimmy Fallon is making me laugh.

Fooling around more, well come on, this is fun and leads to better connection with the hubs, but when we binge watch tv we are too tired, this is the perk for going to be earlier. I love the hubs more than Jimmy, so it really is common sense.                                                                                                                                                            Action plan: none of your business 😉

Connecting more with people who fill me up and trying to fill them up in return makes life better                                                                                                                                Action plan: plan meals with friends and host monthly small group, occasional lunch date with the hubs

Eating more real food results in less junk and feeling better.                                                                                                                                                                                        Action plan: Create meal plans with simple recipes, always have fresh real food on hand and prepped so it becomes easy to snack on and cook with.

January calendar page

These seven things seem manageable to me. They aren’t crazy hard. There is no deprivation. Like anything else in life, these seven things are interconnected. Drinking more water and eating better will result in more energy, making me more apt to be active, which results in feeling better about myself – maybe even sexier, go to bed earlier, hopefully fool around, wake well-rested and feeling loved, spread love to your friends, and know that no matter what happens God is with you.

Notice I didn’t resolve to be a better wife or mother. I know I love hard on my family already. I also know that when I take care of myself caring for my family feels less like a chore and more like a gift. I didn’t resolve to work harder or earn more, although I intend to do both in the new year, I know I won’t be able to if I don’t prioritize self-care.

As with everything, focusing on the goodness leaves less room for the negative to exist.

So, these are my seven resolutions. I honestly don’t know how the years pass so quickly, but they do. Each day we have countless choices to make regarding what we do with the time we’ve been gifted. There is something about a new year and a fresh calendar that ignite my sense of possibility. Much of what happens is outside our control. These seven things I can control and by doing so I prepare myself for the rest. If my relationships with God, my family, and my close friends are solid and I’ve done a decent job of keeping myself healthy I’ve done all I can to steady myself in whatever storms arise.

This year resolve to be more at peace with yourself, more connected, more rested, more cared for.

Happy New Year friends, focus on the good stuff!