go away posterMaybe its because I’m not great with numbers or I tend to be a bit naive, but I’m smart enough to know this would happen. It is completely logical of course. Perhaps because I’m also a bit of a dreamer, this phase caught me off guard. Seriously, it was just yesterday I had a little boy. I had some vague notion that I was apprehensive about the teen years, but that was a safe distance down the road. Nothing that required my attention today. So it was quite a shock to realize my boy is a tween.

Crap, I’ve heard stories and read enough blog posts to know this phase is training for those teen years. Despite my inner voice screaming, “I’m not ready”  we are there and this is really happening.

Once my confusion wore off, I took a deep breath and decided I had to meet my kid where he is. He is indeed more grown up than I allowed myself to see and that stings for sure. It is an awkward stage for us both. There are the beginnings of boundaries being pushed and questioned. The letting go and hanging on are intertwined in these years.

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