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A Bit About Me…

It sounds corny, but I’m grateful you’re here. Your time is precious and the fact that you’re choosing to spend it here fills my heart. Seriously, it means the world.

A lifelong Minnesotan, I’m a hometown homebody. I live at the address that was home to my grandparentås. Home is where my heart is, although I hope to share a few adventures along the way.

I truly believe that our lives are meant to be amazing adventures, those adventures can keep us close to home or take us around the world. Regardless of our locale when we show grace, celebrate beauty, and live with gratitude our lives are richer.

Things that fill my bucket: being by the water, sunsets, rolling farm fields with old barns, creating, writing, and time with my guys.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have a comment, story idea, or would like to work together please contact me!

father and son

My Loves

These two are my heart and soul. They make me laugh every single day, even on the days I don’t feel like it. They give me purpose. They are the biggest blessings I’ve ever received. And in a rare happening they both smiled for a picture!

Happy Place

Get me out in the country and I will have a smile on my face. The time to create something – crafts, words, photos, food, etc. If I can spend time with my guys while making something outside, life is really good!

Big Dreams

I crave a western sky like other people crave oxygen. Acerage with a cozy home in the country is high on my list. Another is making a significant financial contribution to my family through writing. This is where dreams and goals meet.


From time to time I may share a sponsored post, which means that I was compensated with payment or a gift in exchange for writing.  Some posts may include affiliate links, this means that should you choose to use my link to make a purchase I will receive a small commission that will not increase your purchase amount. These are ways that I help support my family, but please know I will always let you know if either is present in a post. I will only share things that I’m comfortable recommending – things I’m grateful for! I was once told I was too honest for sales and I have no plans of changing.