My husband and I recently celebrated our sixteenth wedding anniversary. We were together ten years prior to getting married, so the fact that we’ve been together for twenty-six years is weird, since most days I think of myself as being thirty-five.

Some birthdays and anniversaries pass without much fanfare, but this year we agreed to go on a date. All week we’d chatted about where to go. A kid-free meal meant we had lots of options. We always talk about how we should go downtown more, try the amazing restaurants that are only fifteen minutes away.

However, when date night came we still hadn’t picked a place. It was Friday and we were both tired. A new place, an unfamiliar atmosphere, and an intimidating menu started to sound like work. I told him I would honestly be happy if we got good take-out and binge watched This Is Us. But, a date was in order, and we looked to good for takeout.lindeys-1

We agreed on an old favorite, Lindey’s Prime Steakhouse.  A cozy place where we’d gone to dinner twenty some years ago to introduce our parents. We had been there a couple of other times too, probably to celebrate something or another. The place is unassuming. You feel welcomed and relaxed. The vibe is up north cabin and to me that feels like home.lindeys2

Once we were seated I noticed the older gentleman across the aisle from us was dining alone. No shame in that, but this is a place people come to mark special occasions. I couldn’t help but wonder if he had celebrated anniversaries there in the past and was now forced to mark the occasion solo. Maybe the guy just likes a really good steak, no shame in that either. But seeing him there alone made me savor our togetherness just a bit more.

This date sums us up. We aren’t opposed to new things, but we prefer the familiar. We know what’s on the menu and we know what to expect. So while we support each other’s dreams and growth, we are rooted in the history we’ve created.lindeys3

The meal was excellent and the company even better. For you Twin Cities readers, if you haven’t visited Lindey’s Prime Steakhouse you should. The menu has four entrée choices. The salad comes with one dressing and there is one side item – amazing hash browns. The most agonizing decision you’ll face is how to have your steak prepared (I suggest medium). Finish it off with pickled watermelon rind, because despite my appreciation for simplicity, there is always room for a little surprise.