I wrote a post (Not-So-Sexy Ways To Love Yourself) over on Show Your Blog Love about ways to love yourself. One of my suggestions was to write a love letter to yourself. It sounds cheesy and a little painful, but I tell you what – do it anyway and be honest. This isn’t about the should, could, or would. This isn’t about guilt. This isn’t about doubt. This is about love. This is you offering yourself grace.

It sounds awkward I know, so to help you get started on your letter I will share my own.

heart in snowDearest Self,

I have not always been your biggest fan, sorry about that. You deserve some kudos.

You didn’t let stereotypes from your childhood dictate your future. I love that about you. You had some ideas of what you thought life should be like and you stuck with it until you created that reality for yourself. Way to go girl!

You cry a lot. That’s okay because as your son says “Mom, you have a heart like cotton candy.”  Crying is not a sign of weakness, but of deep empathy. You not only hear something sad you instantly feel it. You are in the thick of whatever that horrible news is as if it were happening to you. Your heart feels things so deeply. You care for everyone. I love that about you, despite how tough you are on eye make-up.

You notice things that others miss. You like to take in the details. Zoom in close with that camera, it is not enough to notice the pretty flower, let us see what the pollen looks like. You marvel at the everyday beauty and that makes me grateful.

You’re a good wife and mom. You realize that God has entrusted you with two gifts that need your care. While you don’t always get it all right, you do always love them with all your heart. You exercise patience. You usually choose being happy over being right. You’ve create a home that is a safe haven. 

You do your best to be optimistic and grateful. You try not to take things or time for granted. You appreciate small blessings and large. 

You see the best in people. You recognize that they have struggles of their own.

You are fair. You always try to see things from another’s perspective. 

Body. Well, I really haven’t been nice to you. I love the color of my hair, but too soon it will be gray. I love my blue eyes, not because they are blue, but because they look just like my son’s. I love that I’ve always been strong enough to walk for miles and lift heavy things. I love that you carried and gave me a baby. I will try to take better care of you.

Overall, I’d have to say you’re pretty amazing. Keep up the good work. Follow your dreams. You really can do it. 

Your letter to yourself can be something like this or something entirely different. The point is to write it. I found that using “you” instead of “I” helped me detach a bit and look at myself from the outside. Your letter to yourself can be kept private. This is to yourself and from yourself to remind you of your own good stuff. You have good stuff, I know you do.

Now go write yourself a love letter and let me know how it goes.