Think of something you wanted really badly and then got. This blog is that thing for me. For the last few years, I’ve wanted to start a blog and finally, here it is. I am sick to my stomach and giddy all at once. Which is, of course, ridiculous since it is entirely possible that not a soul will read these words.

I’m an introvert for the most part. I like to think things over before making judgements or suggestions. I’m also a very private person. So why on earth did I want this so badly?

Good question. One that I’m still figuring out the answer to. A while back I was fortunate to be offered a job editing a magazine. The job involved a fair amount of writing and I discovered that I LOVED it, so that is part of it. But there is also just part of me that feels I have something to say. Thoughts and words that need to get out of my mind, so I can be set free of them.

So this first blog post feels a little like a first born baby’s arrival. Something you’ve deeply wanted, something you suspect may change your world as you know, and something you’re terrified of, is about to happen. There is no stopping it.

A friend and former coworker of mine is eight months pregnant with her first child. Chatting with her about her experience brings me back. It is such a life changer. An indescribable mix of fear and anticipation. And then deep joy. My main tidbit of advice to her has been to be kind to herself. Advice we could all heed.

My ideal for this blog was that it be perfect. I was waiting for perfect. Silly me. Just as there is no perfect time to have a baby there is no perfect time to launch yourself into the unknown. This blog isn’t the custom designed beauty that I’d been holding out for. However, it is mine and to me it is a living, breathing thing that I could wait no longer for.

Will there be missteps and typos? Yep. But I can’t let that stop me. The experiences and thoughts I share here will be real and honest, which is not always pretty.  The gritty stuff is what we learn the most from and what makes the sweet, good stuff so precious.

If you are reading these words, please know that you’ve made my day. There is a saying that suggests not giving up on anything you can’t go a day without thinking about it. This blog has been thought of daily for quite some time. What thing do you think of?