Darn you, Zillow.

Are you familiar with Zillow? It’s a website with an app where you can browse properties for sale. I’ve loved looking at house ever since I was a little girl living in a mobile home. So, the ability to look at houses all over the country in and well out of my budget provides me with entertainment.

My husband and I have lived in our home since 1998 and sometimes I get the itch to move. Zillow allows me to save my search criteria and notifies me when a property matching my criteria is listed. Mine is something along the lines of minimum 5 acres, 3-4 bedrooms, open floor plan, screen porch, and a good kitchen. Fixer uppers are an option and building new is the dream. 

A message appears in my inbox saying that Zillow has some suggestions based on my saved search criteria. Usually, it isn’t a match and all and I delete without a second thought. Then there are other times when I swoon and look at the photos over and over before sending the listing to my husband. This is where things move from entertainment to something more serious.

The land I live on was my grandparents, we are involved in the community, and know our neighbors, so moving would be a big deal but for some acreage and a dreamy kitchen I would consider it. Right about the time I start wondering if I really want to go look at the house that’s caught my fancy, I look at our current home and ALL OF OUR STUFF and the thought of packing and carrying boxes deflates my excitement.

clutter basement

We are past the age of inviting some friends over and paying them in pizza and beer. So that means it would be up to us and I start to wonder if this is my permanent address because the thought of moving is daunting.

New Possibilities

This scenario was playing out in usual form recently when I learned about Relief Moving Company located in our neighborhood. They do it all and by all I mean if I wanted them to pack my unmentionables, they would. I’m not quite that in need of help, but if someone is willing to move the piano, the umpteen boxes of holiday décor, and the 472 winter jackets we’ve accumulated over the years, well that sounds amazing.

There’s no way around having to sort through all that accumulates over time and since we’ve lived in one house our entire married lives, a good purge is likely long overdue. Once that task is done though there is still that whole business of carrying boxes up and down stairs and my quads burn at the thought. 

So, if a listing comes along and it checks all of my boxes, I’m contacted Relief Moving for an estimate. I’ll pack my prized possessions and those things I wonder why I have and then I’ll let someone else carry the boxes. This opens up possibilities that are free of dread.

While we’re at the age of being responsible for our own crap, we are also at an age where our parents will at some point probably downsize. I love my in-laws, but I really don’t want to pack their stuff and carry it to and fro, up and down, out and in. 

Enjoy Moving

Relief Moving’s social feed shows photos of workers (the owner included) smiling while they carry large heavy objects. If that isn’t strange and wonderful, I don’t know what is. 

Moving is a big life event. Sometimes moving is due to an exciting change like a new job or a new baby and other times it is a sad uprooting, in either case it is stressful. If budgeting for some help means my life is a bit easier, I am all for it. 

moving truck

They will even unpack and reassemble furniture. Heck, they will even come and simply move the furniture around in my living room. Seriously, how many backs and marriages could this service save? Lots I’d guess.

To be clear, I’ve not yet used Relief Moving Company, LLC , I’ve visited their website and social feeds, and read the reviews. It appears that folks enjoy moving, who knew? It also sounds like a nice local business that cares about the people they’re helping. If you looking for Commercial Movers Blaine MN that are reliable, trustworthy and have incredible testimonies to their world, be sure to check them out. I really appreciate that it’s a family run business that know the true overwhelming sessions that comes from moving and they truly want the best for their customers. 

I’m pretty sure our friends and family will appreciate being invited to enjoy beer and pizza without the manual labor.