I’m continually fascinated by how things are connected. Earlier this week I posted about life being better when connected to others, later that day we had the pleasure of making a new connection.  Our neighbor ran across some deck boards on Craigslist, he thought we might be interested, so he dropped off the info. We decided we wanted to purchase them, but since another lady had contacted the contractor selling the boards first, we were second in line. She decided not to buy, so we got to, simple enough. Since there were several other people also interested in the boards we needed to purchase and pick up that day or it was on to the next in line. The contractor had mentioned how he was restoring an old barn on his property and since I love barns I was certain I had to go along. So we juggled – I left a meeting a half hour early while Steve took Max to swim lessons. We met back in our entryway where I was waiting with a towel and dry clothes for Max. It was hurried and a bit stressful. When we arrived at the contractor’s house I instantly knew it was worth it. It was obvious we had shared interests.

We were chatting away as the boards were being loaded and the contractor decided to call his wife in the house to have their son and dog come out, so Max could have someone to hang out with. Their son and dog joined us, he was a polite boy three years older than Max. Before I knew it, they were running about the yard as if they’d known each other for years. Then the boy asked his dad if he could bring mom out. I felt like he somehow sensed that she and I would get along. She came out and we immediately had an enjoyable conversation about real stuff, stuff typically reserved for people you’ve known for a while. We swapped stories of childbirth, the judgements we get for having just one child, and how Pinterest leaves us feeling a bit depressed.  We also talked about being content.

They live in a farm house that is over 100 years old. It has carpet in the kitchen. We all know that’s a bad idea. But the kitchen functions. She no doubt makes wonderful meals for her family there and I am certain that with her Pinterest inspiration and his contractor skills it will one day be enviable. She said at first she didn’t want to have anyone over, embarrassed that someone would see her outdated, well-used flooring – then she realized it didn’t matter. “Real people won’t care.” It won’t be shag forever, but she is content with it while it is. Beautiful. This is a woman I want to hang out with. These are people I want to be connected to.

We were there for over an hour. It could’ve taken a third that time if we’d just picked up boards. But the boys were exploring by flashlight while we all shared comfortable conversation. The other mom said if there wasn’t school the next day she’d offer to have Max spend the night. That sounds completely odd considering we’d just met, but somehow it seemed perfectly fine. A chance meeting from a Craigslist ad ended with an open invitation to come back any time.

I will be setting up a playdate for the boys soon and hope to have them visit our deck once completed. Further proof that life is better connected.