Decorating for holidays is something I love to do. When my husband and I shared a basement apartment in college I insisted we get a Christmas tree and it could’ve stayed up all winter as far as I was concerned. It fit perfectly between the mini fridge and the hideous, hand-me-down mirrored entertainment center. The first years in our current home I went all out decorating with elaborate table settingsĀ and festiveĀ touches to every room. Then our son was born and I didn’t have the same time or ambition to devote to decorating. One year when our son was a toddler I went with a minimalist tree design and actually loved the simplicity of it.

Now we’re in the sweet spot of having a mix of a decade’s worth of handmade ornaments and all the sparkly ones I love. Each year my son and I open the ornament boxes and it feels like Christmas. Each ornament evokes a memory of where it was purchased or when it was received. It takes me back to childhood memories of decorating with my mom and grandmother.floral arrangement and candle

We do an artificial tree because I’m allergic to real ones. A lesson learned the hard way that made for a very long December years ago. It is a shame because I would absolutely love the experience and memories created by cutting a fresh one. To get a taste of that we get a cut tree and place it outside our living room window and leave the lights on all winter!

This year I was fortunate to be invited to a blogger event at the Bachman’s Idea House. I LOVE Bachman’s. They always have great home decor and cute clothes (in addition to everything garden related one could ever want or dream of), but at Christmas time they so much adorable stuff it is just the best. Bachman’s has been a fixture in the Twin Cities for several decades. The Idea Home was the home of the founder’s second son. He and his family built the home in South Minneapolis in the early 1920s and he lived there until 1976. One of his sons lived in the home until 2001.

Now the home is used to showcase design ideas and product samplings. This year’s theme is Modern Plaid. Each room of the home is decorated to a level most of us only see in magazines. No detail overlooked, no room left undone. It was an inspiration and I left feeling the urge to pull out all the stops this year.

The Modern Plaid theme featured colors of crimson, black, white, and silver which made for a sophisticated feel. The home and decor are traditional but there are touches of whimsy and casualness that make it feel very comfortable.Bachman's Idea House

Decorating for me serves a few purposes:

  1. It provides a creative outlet by allowing me to set the stage for the season however I choose to.
  2. I want my family and our guests to feel welcome and special in our home.
  3. It brightens and warms what would otherwise be a long winter.

If you are in the Twin Cities area and need some inspiration I highly recommend a trip to the Bachman’s Idea House and a little shopping. The Lyndale location also has The Best Santa around in my opinion.

Happy decorating!