An evening walk is a soothing ointment. It takes some of the sting away. It is time to both escape and reconnect. These precious few minutes can put all of the previous hours into clearer focus by softening the lens through which they are viewed.

Dusk is my favorite time of day. “The Golden Hour” as photographers call it. There is a peacefulness to it that I just love.

I’ve never been a morning person. On rare occasions, some intentional and others forced (and a couple intoxicated), I have been up to see the sunrise. A new day full of potential coming to life is no doubt a glorious thing, but I’m more of a sunset girl.

As often as possible I go for a walk in that hour before the sun slips below the tree line. I walk around a water retention pond in an industrial park near our home. I walk there because it provides me with bits of what I deeply crave. There are times for walks with friends and waving at neighbors, but those walks are for earlier in the day. The evening walk is more spiritual than social.

10 Minutes In

It feels good to move and to be alone with my thoughts. Thankful I made this time a priority. Glad I didn’t let the other shoulds on the list get in the way of this one.

20 Minutes In

I ponder as I always do how I wish we lived in the country. The industrial park used to be a farm field and I miss those days. I crave the kind of solitude that means not caring how I look in my yoga pants. I crave the satisfying crunch of gravel beneath my feet. I crave a vast sky and air thick with the scent of clover. I crave quiet.

I focus on being grateful for what I have – the reflections in the pond and the serenade of the red-winged blackbird.

30 Minutes In

This sacred time when the sky transforms from energetic blue to soft fleshy tones or the colors of fruity sherbets if I’m lucky. The white wisps of clouds melt into cream. Everything takes on an amber glow. There is a warmth and softness to everything that was not there an hour earlier.

This holds true for me too. I begin to see the day in a new light as the light of day fades. I forgive myself for my motherhood blunders and other shortcomings. My perspective shifts and my judgments ease. The edges of everything soften.

geese at sunset

40 Minutes In

The light is fading. My mind returns to the to-dos. The mosquitos will find me soon and there are stories to read and laundry to fold. Before turning for home I take one last long look at the sky and water. I’ve fed my FitBit and my soul. Found grace along the way. I turn for home feeling renewed.

I take a deep breath of the evening air and feel close to God. Grateful that once again He has reminded me of the beauty of this place and of this life.