Today we got some heavy news.

Posts of condolences tagging someone we’ve known for over twenty years. The wife of an old friend.

We weren’t close. We didn’t know each other particularly well. Yet, she is smiling in some of my wedding pictures and I held her boys as babies.

Our lives intersected but were never really connected. We were “Facebook friends” these days and that’s about it.

But today when I learned of her sudden passing it made me pause. I immediately thought of the pain her husband and boys were surely experiencing. I pondered the brevity of life.

This news coming just hours after breakfast with my mom, where she presented me with her cremation information and we discussed her final wishes.

Aging sucks, my in-laws have let me know. I’ll be fifty this year and watching parents age and facing your own age is daunting in some respects, but gosh it’s a gift too.

Time. Our most valuable commodity. Not one of us knows how much we’ll get, so we’d best spend it wisely. So cliche and so true. Perhaps these frames in our hallway our necessary reminders, because we forget, don’t we? Just how precious it all is.