One summer day while shooting hoops in the driveway with my boy I noticed a moth on the ground. I can’t say for sure, but I think it was the recipient of a dribble. It was alive but injured. At first glance, it was just an ordinary moth. Its grey wings blended into the concrete just as they would tree bark. It was nondescript until it spread its wings. Under the neutral color wing was an underwing of bright pink. It was the most colorful moth I’d ever seen.

moth with pink wings


We carefully picked up the injured moth and placed it on a hydrangea bloom, likely its final resting place. We marveled at the coral pinkish color and then resumed our game.

It got me thinking that most of us have an awful lot in common with that moth. We do our best to blend in. We keep what makes us special hidden for fear of standing out. What a shame. God gave us each something that makes us us. How many of us are silencing a beautiful voice? How many among us camouflage our talents? How many keep wise words muted? How many keep our gift hidden away?

Too many are stifling their uniqueness. Fighting to fit in when we were designed to stand out.

The moth’s top wing is grey so it can blend in and protect itself. In much the same way humans seek safety in sameness. I suspect some of us are afraid of the attention standing out would bring upon us. I know I am. Putting yourself out there, exposing yourself to the opinions of others, that’s scary stuff.

At some point you get brave. You take a chance. You spread your wings. You show the world your true colors. By doing so you give yourself the chance to soar. You are allowed to float above the noisy opinions of others. There is a peace in that like no other.

God gave the moth a way to protect itself, but it also gave the moth a way to bring beauty to the world. He designed you the same way. Please don’t ever forget to spread your wings from time to time. Show us what makes you special. Show your gift to the rest of us. It is yours to share. Be generous with it.

It will feel risky, but I promise it will be rewarding. If the moth kept that pink hidden it would never take flight. Its life would be stagnant and it would not fulfill its purpose. You, my dears, are the same.

Imagine a world where people use their talents. A world where people are willing to give us a glimpse behind the mask. A world where people are truly alive. Oh, how glorious that would be. I believe we each have a responsibility to use our gifts and to encourage others to do the same. Nurture those gifts with care. Developing and using those gifts you’ve been given is far from a selfish pursuit, it is part of a much greater purpose. It is your chance to make this world a better place.

Spread your wings and fly high.