Sometimes life feels heavy, doesn’t it? If you’re at all like me when you do get time to relax you struggle to get your mind slowed down. The more tired I become the more likely I am to feel anxiety creep in and then I’m stuck in a nasty cycle that’s hard to escape.

Each fall when we put the quilt back on our bed, my husband and I comment on how good it feels to rest beneath the weight of that extra layer. Even when it’s warm outside, I’ve always found a sense of comfort in having a blanket over me. So when my friend Ann, who makes weighted blankets, asked if I’d like to try one and write about my experience, I was thrilled.

Ann first learned of the blankets when an occupational therapist suggested she look into them for her son. She was disappointed with the blankets she found. They weren’t well made and they were expensive. She bought one online, took it to her mom, and asked her mom to teach her to make the blankets herself because people needed better options. Hence, the beginning of Undercover Weighted Blankets.

The Blanket Basics

For those like myself, who’ve maybe heard of weighted blankets but don’t know much about them here are the basics:

Weighted blankets apply gentle pressure evenly over your body which mimics being held. This hug-like sensation causes your brain to release serotonin which reduces stress and improves mood. It also causes a release of melatonin which is a hormone that promotes sleep. Sounds amazing, right?

Undercover Weighted Blankets offers over 100 choices of fabric, it made for a tough decision. I selected a subdued floral pattern in gray and white because to me it looked restful. They then matched that with a coordinating dark gray anti-pill plush fleece for the second side. A minky fabric is available for an extra charge if you are craving something even more dreamy. The recommended weight for a blanket is approximately 10% of your body weight and blankets come in six common sizes. Once those details are in place your order is sewn by what Ann calls a team of grandmas.

This team of grandmas who love to sew and help people, make the blankets while Ann runs the business. It typically takes about four weeks for orders to be completed and they like to say “It’s worth the weight!”

My Experience

When I got mine, I was immediately impressed with the quality. The fabric is luxurious and the construction is high-quality. I sat down on the couch to try it out and was immediately joined by my tween son and the dog, I guess we all wanted to relax.  I felt calmed by the weight and wanted to stay there for the rest of the day.

I left the blanket draped over the back of the couch and looked forward to snuggling up with it later.  Only it wasn’t me that got to use it. My son, who stopping napping way too soon as a toddler and never naps now unless he’s sick had fallen sound asleep on the couch under that blanket. I was shocked because that just never happens.

That made me a believer. It also made me wish I’d ordered the cute dog fabric for him rather than flowers for me. Nonetheless, I brought the floral blanket up to his room. The start of the school year was approaching and his anxieties about that were growing, so I thought the blanket might be helpful. Each night he would put the blanket over him as we talked and read. Because the blanket was weighted for my mom-bod it was too heavy for him and he didn’t want to sleep with it. I do feel it helped calm him during our bedtime routine though.

Who Would Benefit From a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets were originally a treatment for anxiety, but the can also help with autism, PTSD, sleep disorders, and nervous system disorders. And really, who doesn’t like feeling hugged before going to bed?

Undercover Weighted Blanket

In addition to the blankets, Ann offers eye masks which can be chilled and neck wraps that can be heated or chilled. The blankets can be washed and dried, and best of all warmed in the dryer for added comfort!

Based on hearing Ann’s experience with her three boys using these blankets and now my son, I’m a believer and would suggest these to anyone looking to calm a restless mind and get better sleep.

How To Get Your Blanket

You can order yours by visiting the Undercover Weighted Blankets Facebook page. If you’d like to give one as a Christmas gift be sure to get your order in before December 1st.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to try this blanket! I’ll be looking at dog fabrics for my boy and a neck wrap for myself in a girlie fabric my guys won’t want to use. 😉