Hospitality is one of my spiritual gifts. I’m more comfortable being a hostess than a guest. I love trying to create a atmosphere where guests feel relaxed and welcome. Surely, I love that a coordinated tablescape is pretty to look at, but I am in my happy place putting it together and my goal is to make those around the table feel special.

Again this year, I was fortunate to be invited to the Minnesota Blogger Bash event at Bachman’s in Minneapolis. The event organizers have that same gift of hospitality. From start to finish it was a lovely experience.

The Bachman’s Idea House is dreamy. No other way to say it. It is decorated from top to bottom with over-the-top centerpieces and simple touches everywhere you look. The overall theme was classic Christmas in red and black (which I loved, because it felt modern to me). It wasn’t all formal though, you could find cookie cutters hanging from the kitchen light fixture and llamas in the bathroom – because llamas are still having their fifteen minutes, for which I blame Fortnite.

In addition to the decorating inspiration, we were treated to delectable desserts from Patrick’s Bakery & Cafe, and had the opportunity to do a little crafty of a modern wreath.

It is generous of the organizers to invite a small blogger like myself, even more so that invitees are encouraged to bring a guest. This night has become one I look forward to sharing with my bestie. We ooh and aah and say “this is cute” over and over. We wander through that sweet old house overwhelmed by the festive abundance. When it comes time to leave we sigh a bit because who wants to leave a place where you’ve been so beautifully welcomed?

Bachman’s is a Twin Cities’ treasure. I may be biased but they have the best Santa. Going to see their Christmas play and visit Santa is one of the traditions I was most sad to see my son outgrow. Although, this year he offered to go if I wanted to see Santa, so maybe there’s still hope.

If you have someone who loves gardening, flowers, and home decor I highly recommend checking out your local Bachman’s store. They have a fantastic selection of items that make thoughtful gifts and a nice selection of women’s clothing as well. If you think they only deliver flowers in their statement making purple vans you’re missing out!

The store on Lyndale is a place I also would put on your winter survival list. The spacious greenhouse transports you to a warmer climate and Patrick’s Bakery & Cafe feels like you’re eating outside on a patio. Add to that luscious plants and flowers and you get a serious mood boost!

Thanks for the invite! Both your hospitality and your sense of style were a delight.