Ferris Wheel

It has been an exceptionally good week around our house. A week full of Facebook post content and Instagram worthy moments. It has reminded me of something that kids know with every fiber of their beings – fun is good. Not that I’d really forgot that fun is good, but more I’m reminded the importance of seizing it.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized the power of having something to look forward to. The anticipation of recess can sustain a kid through the less exciting topics of the day. My son will begin counting down to his April birthday shortly after the Christmas gifts are opened. Kids have anticipation mastered, yet somehow maintain the ability to live in the present. That is key.

I feel like a lot of us are stuck in a cycle of waiting for Friday. Then the awaited weekend arrives and there is a lawn to mow, a million weeds to pull, laundry to catch up on, groceries to buy, activities to attend, etc., etc. and before ya know what happened, the Sunday blues arrives. The weekend has vanished and it wasn’t near as fun or relaxing as one would’ve hoped.

I’m a big fan of balance. I am a Libra after all. I like equal parts work and play, but that isn’t realistic. There is work to be done, but we have to be careful about play not becoming a half-hearted afterthought. Fun needs to be a priority. It doesn’t have to be grand in scale. Don’t get me wrong, having a vacation on the calendar would be lovely. But I think one of the big, shiny keys to genuine happiness is savoring little moments each day.

This week has been exceptionally successful in this regard. On Monday the boy and I went to Chick fil A for lunch, they have a bean bag toss game out on the sidewalk by the front door. He asked if we could play after we ate and his eyes lit up when I said yes. We played and laughed as other diners came and went. Despite a wild, overly enthusiastic throw that resulted in a bean bag on the store’s awning, it was a great few minutes. Tuesday evening we took our son and his buddy to the county fair – nothing like a stroll through a midway to bring out your inner kid. Wednesday night we ordered pizza with good friends. Thursday we went to my happy place – the beach. Friday we did pretty much nothing and that was perfect.

Some of that fun was scheduled. Some of it was spontaneous. All of it was good. My fun at the moment is being up before my family and typing on the screen porch. I may even go to Target alone in a bit – crazy fun. Seriously, it is the little things. The anticipation and the afterglow of fun keep me smiling through the more mundane tasks. Turns out I feel less like a hamster in a wheel and more like a kid on a Ferris wheel. The view is amazing when your perspective is right.

It is so important to not be too busy for fun. It would’ve been easy to say no to the game of bean bag toss. We had things to do, it was hot, it was in front of the store and everyone was watching. That game turned out to be the highlight of our Monday. We seized a simple opportunity to have a little fun. I hope you will look for opportunities to do the same.