When my husband and I were dating we’d grab some crackers and cheese spread – the healthy kind that comes in a can and doesn’t need refrigeration. We’d dine on our fine snack in the lobbies of fancy buildings downtown or in the cab of his truck out in a field.

If you give a girl a cracker…

She might just fall in love with you. She might know she’d marry you two months into the relationship yet wait nine years for a proposal. She will do her best to make a comfortable home, she will become the mother of your son, she will do her best to lead her family in faith, she will be your biggest cheerleader, and she will love you.

Recently on a whim, I bought a can of that cheese. Feeling nostalgic and not worried about nutrients I guess. It has been used for a couple afterschool snack times. Then one day my husband came home from work to find me typing away trying to meet a deadline. We chatted briefly about our eagerness for dinner and I stayed at my computer.

Moments later he returned to the office holding a cracker topped with a heart drawn in cheese. Moments after that he delivered a cracker with a smiley face.

If you give a wife a cracker…

She will remember back to those early days of dating when everything in the world seemed new and possible and life felt like one big adventure waiting to unfold. She will be reminded that all of that still holds true. She will have flashbacks to so many fond memories. She will fall in love with you all over again.